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walls were not corresi:)ondingly afi'ected, but this is a very rare event.

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the individual. Nervous and excitable patients suffer more than

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The usual site of the disease is some exposed part of the body, as


ammonia per diem, and this amount may rise to from 1.2 to 1.5 gm.

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Beziehungen des Sehorgans und seiner Erkranknngen zu den iibrigen Kraukheiteu

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evening the cold tightens, the running catarrh ceases, the voice gets

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The name ursemia is used to designate a group of symptoms which usher

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dreaded form, that described above under the name of i^rogressive

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doses every fifteen minutes until nausea is produced. The following

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Gout is, therefore, one of the forms in which the arthritic diathe-

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pyrexia. But they are essentially different in their mode of produc-

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and salicjdic acid possess a curative action in the same febrile ail-

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sorrel, dandelion, potatoes, beets, radishes, together with vari-

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measure of force, and this force is produced by the combustion and

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upon a sudden injury of this sort, a permanent irritation proceeds,

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treatise on diseases of the muscles. The patients are usually young

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their functions, and return to it the waste products which must either

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containing y, 1 ,^- of a grain should be taken each night and morning,

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Icterus. VI. — Cirrhosis or Hardening- of the Liver.

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others from their use as the masseter and the extensors and flexors

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is greater activity' — instead of its function being in abeyance it is

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exercise is so common at the age at which acute rheumatism chiefly

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larger portion of the heart adjoins the thoracic wall, the impulse is

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