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jjrofession successfully in a town in Northern Indiana.

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giving her thyroids, which I see recommended for this condition.

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Sanatorium, and Dr. C. D. Parfitt, physiciaii-in-charge of the

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the muscle rather than to the nerve that we must look.

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chop, or grouse, or English pheasant. Even in the grave

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arm after a paralysis of seven years' standing, and three

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causes, originating in over efforts of mind and body,

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exercise, increasing deep breathing ; besides, the air being more rarified,

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practically the efficacy of his method on cholera patients.

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term Chronic Bronchitis ; called chronic, because it is

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sidering the history of the case, it seems not unlikely that

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prescribes : Potass, iodid., " j.; tinct. croci, 3 ij-; tinct.