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critical report upon the favourable or unfavourable nature of which it
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paralysis of the heart, but more frequently from complications in the heart
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breadth of the cervical enlargement is at the level of the fifth and sixth
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X>etual, £12); total, £18 17s. Second summer: Botany or Natural
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always minute. If there are numerous cysticerci in the neighborhood of the
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eye, especially to the region corresponding to the paralyzed muscles. Great
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tious diseases, under the name of epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis. There
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tion of high order, from 1879, except in cases where distinguished abilities and
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baths, electric baths), and sponging, and internally iodid of potassium, ergo-
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The examiiiation in both parts is oral and piactioal, as well as
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practitioner in the Begister of Veteriaary Surgeons, and to become to all iitento
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practice dentistry unless he shall have received a diploma from a .duly autho-
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tomy and Physiology received as furnishing the highest types of
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termine first that place in the spinal cord where an affection must be situated
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shall posseas sufficient merit, the first among snoh candidates shall receive aa
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of the entire encephalon is subjected to pressure ; and, secondly, the anatomical
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branes also may show irritative symptoms (conjunctivitis, bronchitis). Nerv-
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TJniversitieB one or more of the courses corresponding with those prescribed by
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tom of cerebral diseases which do have an anatomical basis, such as tumor,
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Sherman, Thomas Watson, s, a, w, sp, Chicago. Northwestern U.
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1. Students entering the practice of this Hospital shall (unless exempted for
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polishers, potters, and others. Also in food poisoning from cooking utensils
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ably due to changes in the affected peripheral nerves, but, as a rule, they are
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processes form poisonous products. On the other hand, meat (or sausages)
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?f 1!f ^t^^ infected. Then, as with roundworms, mips may
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variations and imperfectly marked clinical pictures {"formes frustes") which
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little, and, as has just been said, are apt to be noisy and restless at night.
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impossibility of blood reaching by collateral channels the region thus deprived
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paresis of the soft palate (the fibers from the facial are said to pass through
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the summer term (from May to October inclusive), including certificate
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b. Suttermilk, This product includes churned or true buttermilk, cultured butter-
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from the Chicago Lying-in Hospital and formerly occupied by that hospital. Altera-
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