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ache, vertigo, and pressure and disturbance in the head, to which may of
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Jules Hymen Masserman, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry.
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specifically required are, in Medicine proper, 0, 2, 5, 6, 50, 61, and 64. .3Mj. of course
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Fees — ^Montreal General Hospital, perpetual ticket, 20 dols.; IJniyersity
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wy:h the repuv^nent of 9cFR Part 381, Poultry, Products Inspgc.tlon Regulations .
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meninges. We have no right to -say that the case is one of primary meningitis,
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320. Clinical Conferences. — Required of the externs. No credit. W., 4:30-5:30.
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The subjects are : — (1) The Hecuba and AlcestiB of Euripides, with especial
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•nches thick, and -weight 135 to 210 pounds, is a hard cheese with characteristic aas
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of neuralgia, most often in the form of sciatica. This is probably due to
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Medical Scholarships^ <fec.— ^There are eight junior scholarships ap-
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culum be deyoted wholly, or only in part, to Arts studies, depends on
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vation of the blood pressure may not have some part in determining the hemor-
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of any part of the body, or of a single muscle, the slightest voluntary motion
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put in activity in walking, in grasping, and in all the manifold employments
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that in dementia precox there ma}^ be a congenital tendency of certain systems
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cases a peculiar dry, " nervous cough " appears, such as we not infrequently
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It was stated in Vol. T, on page 630, that the cysticercus cellulosa?, which
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insipidus are usually the result of fortuitous complications, such as tuber-
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1 Clear - free from discoloration or foreign bodies; do not confuse
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its duplicate, of which he is allowed to print copies.
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The time which elapses before the gradual appearance of the more marked
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The Beamey Prize is awarded to the student who obtains the highest
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Physiology 251, 252, and 303; Pharmacology 201 desirable. C. Spring, lecture: M., Tu.,
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Occasionally we may find an apparent cause for the disease and endeavor
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to secure in connection with the Medical Department those adYantages
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that are already paralytic. Either of the occurrences described in the two
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(flexor communis digitorum and flexor hallucis longus) are also abolished.