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increase the tendency to' fibrin deposition. I am of opinion that such

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at the time of the tests. The blood pressure on October 28, was systolic 260,

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From these results it is seen that in temporary obstruction of the

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they are forced through after a variable period, but are replaced by

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diuresis in one. If there occurred a diuresis there was an increased

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mal state carried off in the course of the blood current, but which

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thalmic goiter manifestations. 56 H. Matti reports that research and

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evident in people of spare build, in cases of anaemia, and in dyspepsia

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cases this factor was definitely absent. The duration of the individual

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in the first set of tests to that of total noncoagulable nitrogen in the

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are especially distinguished by stasis in the lungs, Campbell finds

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extinction coefficient for each sex separately, as shown by Table 8.

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TABLE 5. — Period 2, Thyroid Treatment; Balance of Nitrogen. Phosphorus,

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before the fluid had time to reaccumulate. Between the second

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cant, as it leads to the possibility if not probability that the sensory

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tracting moderately and the other but slightly. The vigorous contractions of

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phosphorus metabolism with excretion through the bowel, such as

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As obstacle is offered to the escape of blood from the left auricle,

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cold is exceedingly obstinate. There is cough with the expectoration

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the attack is cut short at once by morphine ; where the fault is with

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will be found that the heart's contractions are just double the num-