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In conclusion, let me enter a plea for the better care of preg-

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He preached Christ in a manner almost peculiar. He endeavored

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and healthy children should be brought as little as possi-

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and decided stiffness in walking. After two or three

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pregnancy, noticed a hard, round tumor in her abdomen,

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Dr. Pasteur then described a case of pulmonary^ gan-

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content with the strictest asepticism under circumstances such

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member of the Board of Trustees of the Toronto General

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fore his admission to the hospital, a distance of six feet,

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Richard J. Dunglison, Philadelphia. Assistant Secre-

does trazodone cause acid reflux

abdomen, somewhat larger than the closed fist, occupying

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with a sponge or cloth, often affords an almost miraculous relief,

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have been adopted in the best medical schools, with ])re-

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willing, until I have obtained the means of placing her in a

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and February numbers are taken up with the subject of the Cholera, and

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never to be lost sight of. Upon this subject I desire only

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Dr. W. H. Johnson, a practitioner in Fergus for many years,

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bad examples of hostility among the prominent medical men,

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her life a misery by its severity, its frequent occurrence, and

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As is usual in such cases, both sides are partly right and

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September ist. — Leucoma has become macular ; bridge

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as to what drugs were to be given in cases of ascer-

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Introduce a tax on bachelors. At twenty-five or twenty-six,

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dition of the pelvis of the kidney, and more or less catarrh

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little mi!k and lime-water has been retained. Bowels

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time. The rapid respiration continued all night, gradually

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The man who can raise our hearts and bring us into communion

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lower lip had become involved. The right ear and the right

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