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service is still in an unsatisfactory state. Medical Direc-
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gical cases. In the laboratory he found it to have a
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To a person burning up with internal fevers ice is a comfort
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belongs the credit of having framed the first coherent plan
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smells. Some of these substances destroy the disagreeable odors
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they do not work as free and full as they ought to do,
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Laboratory, assisted by Dr. Magnan, well known for his
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Washington, revised and corrected by J. Disturnell. It is sent
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capsicum, piperine, opium, &c, while others, for whom he has a
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as that of Ontario should have to take such a retrograde step.
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omy all the series of changes which render it assimilable.
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necessary means of doing well, in the highest sense of the term.
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schools. Dr. A¥m. Hall, a retired physician, made some care-
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lowing is a summary of the case : Contused wound of
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close to the spleen. It was then divided between the two
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will present various shapes and those close together will unite
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lated grate, or rather fireplace, with its large broad bed of burning coals,
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comparatively recent adoption. The first account of it,
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better, sleep better, and have a more lively, cheerful temper, we
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It is believed that alcohol, mercury, and lead favor the
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things: 1st, a physician ; 2d, laudanum ; 3d, ice; 4th, "all
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tuberculosis nor of albuminoid degeneration. In short,
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sary to the maintenance of the normal condition of this system.
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The President suggested that the paper raised the fol-
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not prevent the disease from visiting a point but diverts ener-
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Within a day or two I have taken a violent cold, which
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He could emphasize what the author had said regarding
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The Monthly and Quarterly will be sent to one subscriber, one year, for - 5 00
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lerian, he knows of no drug which can excel gelsemium.
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outer side of the knee, then to the inner side of the knee, then