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shows the renal tubules stripped of their lining cells and filled with granular
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ureter, a method used by the WTiter with success in a few cases.
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especially in kidney washings from the ureteral catheter.
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apparently due to this same local cerebral irritation, the resulting symptoms
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difficult to detect, and some competent radiographers claim that it cannot
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tumors. The irr^ular character is produced by depressed bands of yellowish
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IS excluded from tlie intestine, the feces are loaded with fatty acids
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But there are many cases of extreme and chronic cyanosis in which clubbed
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iiicthoi! of isolatint; portions of the stomach \all as p lies opcniii'.'
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Ill the usual wa.\. after which Ihe hliiod pressure in the anterior part o'
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tras mixture in tlie tonometers, when it will hv found that the eurve i.e.
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a stagnant pool in which a slimy mucoid matrix, composed of pus cells gelatin-
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sDliip npiJilli'lltlv I'.-iMS. This is iliii' |)inli;ilil,\ to llic dipiisil i,.
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or involvement of the nerve roots may give marked sensory disturbances;
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takes are fortunately easily avoidable, the study of the urine and of the heart
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ness of the l^s, and a belief in a change in her condition, followed in a few
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origin in the region of the hilus; and (3) those beginning in the parenchyma,
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sionally the mucous membranes, apparently, permit the infectious organisms
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I'" ..I.].. Ml.. .Ill, ,11. .11, 111.. |.i.--.ii. in II 11-.- all. I 1. .....|.l,.l 111 ;;, ■|'lll- ..|llal. ill. ..-ni..ll.-
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ritis are both pathologically and clinically of a character that must be
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made up largely of readily (xpansihle tissue (elastic aiul siiiootli-muscli
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at a distance to look as though hewn out of stone. The nodules are in the
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as well as the foreign hospitals of Halifax, Jamaica,
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fibrous stroma could be observed, the sections simply showing closely set
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Ilex m,.,.|iaiiisms, iii,.|ii,lii|..' il ntrol of lli,. sphiiK'ters. in the i)art ,.i
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diversified one. Suppurative nephritis with the formation of kidney ab-
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urates or phosphates, it carries them as sediment with probably little
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It lies in the sella turcica or pituitary fossa of the sphenoid, attached to the
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in all cases of Basedow's disease. "But not any or all thj^roid disease,
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