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sickness and death, which, could have been avoided.
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establishment of the two sanatoria of the National Sanitarium
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But if a person is not in good health, it is best to undress by
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of the very highest sort attributable to the body of man,
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is not against evangelical religion • favorable to it generally
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has been the common asking price. A single supply of " Godfrey's Catarrh
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the deaths never being less than 5 and often reaching nearly
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ing, i.e., the highest degree of virulence was associated
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pain in the back and limbs, coated tongue, a temperature of
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Cholera — for February, which, none can read without profit,
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itself useful. Violent spasmodic exercise is injurious, and even
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out, or from friction of the moving air within the tidal
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fatal issue ; yet the result proved the wisdom of the phy
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3d. This third item is conditional. If the symptoms are
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bacilli are frequently stirred up by sweeping, but, in
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mometer is to the physician. The ordinary length of a case of
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in pneumonia ; the vesicular murmur being absent because of
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medication. Pneumonia is comparatively rare, many physi-
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newborn infant which has not breathed show a shadow, while
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motion, before placing the tube on the chest, " Supra-
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abscess of the liver. The cause of the abscess was not
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and assimilative powers fail, followed by impaired circu-
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tions of cJwlera infantum are caused by bacteria, and that
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way ; and as, in some of the statements made, it did not go in
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was fifty -nine when he published " Novum Orgaimm" ; Gassendi
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Dr. F. H. Wiggiii, of New York, advocates the following as
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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 6th, 7th and 8th of
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moderate quantities at Gilmanton, though uf a stunted
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of them hard, dissolve the yolks with vinegar sufficient, add