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spasmodic cough, some diarrhcea or dysentery, no delirium,
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action on the placental blood, and partly by the continu-
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7. Retention of urine post partum and after laparotomy for
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delicate shades and tints peculiar to those of Nature, every tooth
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which we have another example in the mummification of
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almond, embedded in an inflammatory deposit. No ex-
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limp cloth, price, $3.00. Published by the F, A. Davis Co., Philadelphia.
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probably due to chronic congestion, the consequence of
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I was happily disappointed in not meeting with any of
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The adjourned discussion on Dr. Ball's paper (see pp.
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of a ship, is immaterial, the determining element is good,
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9 positive, none negative ; second week, 24 positive, 9 negative ;
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St. Anthony's Falls, Minnesota, or the Mississippi river. A round
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Dr. Reber closes his paper with a quotation from an article
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one of his cases of typhoid fever, and that case was a
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province has made him exceedingly popular with all classes of
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matory products, red blood corpuscles some broken down with
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several cases of yellow fever on board. Among them, we
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causes epidemic cholera, it is important to know what that one
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urethra or bladder, the exact position of the former being
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the double purpose of protecting the patient against infection
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rarefied miasm as to render it innocuous. No family can be
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throat, that does not affect my voice, unless I read
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WM. WOOD & Co., Nos. 56 and 58 Lafayette Place.
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somewhat rapid in the first two days, ranging between 100
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olist, the cervix uteri, in spite of all its amiable accessi-
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into the whole circumstances of the case. In reply to a
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Boy, or the Son who made a glad Father," by the author of the
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ends of the fingers; then rinse well with pure water, and wipe
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recurrent intestinal obstruction. The long, firm cord,
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cavit\% gently pressed in various directions, and withdrawn.
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habit — the former demanding surgical interference ; the
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more consistence, and non-nodular. Slight but deep-
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Sarcoma of the Bladder. — Dr. Southam thinks that
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over a space of five hours, without any of the danger that per-