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to its freedom from micro-organisms. Aseptic climates

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bladder, of a mixture of iodoform, one part; sterile liquid

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the left hand ; it could play freely in the left palm. The

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air breathed into the lungs. Cold condenses all atmospheres ;

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nutriment remaining in the spent buccal secretions, acting,

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the text and nine colored plates. Cloth, $5.00; Half Leather, $5.50.

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ously unfair to attribute to the infirmity of age the decay that

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remedy depends greatly upon the time of its administration.

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bandage, and sometimes, either because of a natural hol-

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admission to the hospital the death rate was insignificant. As

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has to go through every twenty-four hours for weeks and months ;

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Dr. W. J. O. Malloch left Toronto for England March 13th.

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Great care has been taken in the preparation of the index, .so

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openings. 6th. There is a wide slot in the upper blade,

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in two pieces, one of which is fixed in the case after the usual manner, and with which the second or inner portion

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Infirmary of Glasgow, which took place January 18th, was an

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is respectfully called to the following sections of the laws

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convinced, from actual experience, that early treatment has

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