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lip, which was operated upon about May i, 1888, by Dr.

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M.D., Secretary State Board of Health of Wisconsin ;

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gives, in alphabetical order, in one line, the most eminent names of the

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In a recent letter in the B.M.J., from Leeds, where the

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Johns Hopkins University, agreed that Graves' disease might

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pickerel, salmon trout and speckled trout cannot be surpassed.

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terest. Dr. Kappeler's communication relates chiefly to

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" The Relative Importance of Different Climatic Ele-

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Its Prevention, cleanli/ness, temperance, and a quiet mind.

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walking ; as soon as the walk is ended they should be removed.

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of Schools and families ; with 110 illustrations ; if is at once scientific, practical

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danger was Hot over for a week after the operation had

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ries, or cucumbers, or green corn, or cabbages, which is just

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cians and 665,000 inhabitants ; New York has about three

trazodone tablets package insert pdf

in an article on the subject, to the effect that the Apiol of the

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other hand, the five years' course, compared with the

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cause it comes on at onoe, and lasts but a short time —

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The Medical Age makes the following comment on the mat-

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bowels should be obtained each day, and if necessary a