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Pratt,^° of Boston, report two cases of filariasis observed in
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and many epithelial cells present. Thereupon the patient
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connection with corroboration under the author's care ; by
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separate pavilion, in which these patients could be received. In
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passage-floor, that portion of the floor over it being latticed.
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required for a thorough and complete ventilation ; producing
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of absence granted in Special Orders No. 129, October
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Dr. W. T. King Dodds, of Cincinnati, visited his relatives in
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there is seldom any refuge short of the grave, the end being
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In the old world marriage is a matter of convenience, or an out
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cally inchned to disease might be wisely warned concern-
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undertaken, as the immediate danger is considerable, and the
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Cocaine Conjunctivitis. — Dr. Charles Rice, of this
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was not done until 6 p.m., by which time his condition had
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The professional pendulum is now swinging back to rational
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through the floor or to another room, and the instru-
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2. Where the circumstances of the patient or the re-
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this increase was more marked in England and Scotland
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fact that these injuries are verj' common with us in our
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named, that when danger is imminent and a few hours makes
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fuse his ideas and leave him with an ill-defined knowledge of
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the available means of inducing labor. He also says
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comparable to that established experimentally by Mackenzie.
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This device practically reduces the danger of bursting of the
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The following table of the effect of Virginia tobacco
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entific men, for when an animal is enveloped in an India rub-
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copy of all our publications, nineteen in number, for thirty subscribers.
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is made. This is my opinion, founded upon clinical experience.