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8x4 mm. in diameter, situated in the musculosa of the
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isolating diphtheria patients. During a recent epidemic,
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the notes were defective. Seven were completely aphasic.
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case was that Mr. Williams had a partial return of voice,
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quinine. On account of the irritable condition of the
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of the second or third trituration or dilution, may be taken
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recently died at the Presbyterian Hospital as the result of
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can be ascertained, the time of such birth, name, sex, and
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the vaso-motor system and thus causes lowering of blood-
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cases where the establishment of an outlet in the perineal
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Of the three cases in this series, all were very mild, not
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area through which the tumor moved, and this tenderness
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anjesthesia and of local anaesthesia from cocaine. 2.
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The customary wrenching asunder the clinched teeth,
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improving. Suppurative character of fever well shown in
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from which he had suffered for twenty years. The last twenty
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but the boy did not improve, some sinuses remaining in
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a small morsel of septic meat. In a short time a sicken-
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Our city during the invasion which began in 1859, with half
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the breast die annually from intoxications. In many of these
trazodone 100 mg generic nd uses
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ment ; and the result is, that when the animal lies, he presses
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cussed by, the St. Louis Medical and Surgical Society.
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cury and the iodid of potassium were given. The eye at first
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refers to the familiar robust, ruddy-faced old man with a
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church are the salt of the earth in a most important sense, for they are the am-
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cervix are republished from the Pittsburg Medical Review.
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Experience has taught me that I may safely rely upon it when I want teachers.— [Rev. J. H. Brakeley, Borden-
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per cent, of their best work was given to the world after forty
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the more severe will the disease be if attacked, and according
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He thought there would be few cases of heart failure
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in the struggle. A slight change in the cannula was con-
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of peritonitis from some unexplained cause, and to fairly
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the study and practice of medicine, going back to an-