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These patients were observed by Dr. Lovett during a pe-

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of the communicability of cholera, went on board a steamboat in the

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drops make a tea-spoonful, so that to save time in counting the

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ous diseases, but without much regularity in such diseases.

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rose," Rancid butter may be treated in the same way.

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engine. A vessel may be frozen up and thus made healthy ; but

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This bears out what most life assurance examiners in this

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gists did. It had been the tendency to look upon dis-

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Our Daughters. — The New York Observer, of July 26th saj^s : —

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patient in promoting a recovery ; but bear in mind always

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vous System.— Professor Naunyn has collected three

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The islands and .shores of the Muskoka Lakes are dotted with

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glionic brain, though the most forward one of the chain

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both discrete and confluent, the following cases will be outlined,

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England Quarterly Journal of Medicine ; it was reissued

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The following physicians were recently appointed coroners

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The daily injections are made alternately into the right

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the multitudinous purposes for which it can be used, is

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never gets well of any known disease until the bowels begin to

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For instance, if you have made a physical examination

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offspring is to make an antipodal marriage; — to make as

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and save are tempted by the unusual amount of money they

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liberally scattered wherever there is any appearance of dampness, so as to

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" Send me another copy of Health and Disease. I have been

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