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its undue mobility practically ceasing with the patient's life.

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means of diagnosing corneal ulcers. Any portion of the

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fumigating the apartments with sulphur, and use such

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And then there is another man, the playmate of our earliest

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incomplete ovariotomies. Both patients had been tapped,

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case was that of a woman who had had two confinements

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action on the placental blood, and partly by the continu-

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surface, and can be wiped off with the fingers. If in the in-

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the age of sixty years of uninterrupted health, he was

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*Read before Toronto Clinical Society, April, 1905.

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adults. The life of Washington Irving was cut short by the

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To sum up, grafting the facial nerve on to a neighboring

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foration. Pus had doubtless formed and passed through

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Again, if we need another instrument in the house connected

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I ^To my mind when antitoxin fails to reduce the mortality in

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ber of useless or non-expectorant coughs. His list in-

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power to disseminate a knowledge of insanity. One reason is

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of the child. Violent kneadingr durinfj this time is harmful, but

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the level of the symphysis should be the obstetrician's mile-post.

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indicate the importance of careful treatment at the very

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was fully as efficacious as one at a higher altitude, many

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the kitchen one day when he suddenly fell down, and

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he was next day enabled to walk out. The only external re-

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in 1869, receiving a certificate of honor. He was con-

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dition of the circulation. In a few words, advantage must be

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being made on a large scale. We learn from Dr. H. B.

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crepitant rales. There was also a troublesome cough.

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from his own exceptionally full experience — an experience