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with a wet teaspoon, and put it into a phial with an equal

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from them ; but since seeing the case above mentioned_, I can-

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5-hydroxyindoleacenc acid readings, when determined

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tional recognition of the value of selective immunization of

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less considerable in the upper than the lower part of the lung.

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and are more apt to show up with development problems

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the outside of them. See my observations in Professor Wagner's Phy-

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New Jersey State Medical Underwriters/Medical Inter-Insurance

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These advances are laudable. Today, we know much about

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the action of the arteries ; and that this humour abounds in

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Summarising the reports of surgeons in East Africa, who had each

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convolution under the cortex is a nodule the size of a small

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cramp. The patient remained at home next day, feeling ill in

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patient is obliged to bear his weight as much as possible

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six days, but quite fresh, had its colour less readily affected by heat.

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fowls, but never could find any lacteals in their mesentery,

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tional history of his patients, extending well beyond the list

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acromion, coracoid process, and axillary border of the

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injected these lymphatic vessels from the arteries, and there-

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RESOLVED, that the Medical Society of New Jersey re-

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diff"erence to the action of oxygen, stating that fibrin is deposited from

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experiment, where the blood in the heart of a dead animal

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Case #1 — A 28-year-old male sustained blunt right

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been able to reproduce in laboratory animals nearly all the

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Orig. Memh. Bastian, Henet Chaelton, M.D., F.E.S., Physi-

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the course of the day several fragments of ice were swallowed,

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bottom strip was paroxysmal atriai tachycardia with 2:1

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paralysed. He could walk, but dragged his right leg heavily

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*Keynote address at the Fourth Annual Governor’s Conference of

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in the metatarso-phalangeal point; and (2) ill-fitting and

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