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a cavity filled with several ounces of offensive pus. The
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however, is so far diminished that the iris can be seen
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accessible, abounding in the beauties of nature. The winters
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fined and sensitive minds should deliberately undertake.
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more and more impure, unless there is some ventilating process
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the uterine walls, and after the uterus is emptied explore the
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Dr. J. T. Duncan left Toronto May 25th, for a three months'
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sion to apply for an extension of ten days. Par. 2, S. O.
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sorted to. Purgatives or enemata are often employed.
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This continued for 6 to 12 hours, when the patients died. In
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disturbance mth constitutional symptoms ? My experience
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was present in every instance, but in ten cases of conva-
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on the banks of a mill-pond or sluggish stream may be visited
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" I. The significance of the various tonsils is in their
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to profanity if matters don't go to suit him." Still another :
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to meet the stern requirements of many cases, proving,
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before being used, and no examination is permitted without
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— Dr. Bancroft, of New South Wales, describes the pre-
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next discovered that their son of three years of age was also