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when the snow is melting, the India rubber shoe is the most per-
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articles on Hip Deformities, Progress of Surgery, Gun-shot Wounds, Mili-
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it is, indeed, the state of the muscle that should occupy our
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times its natural size, while in situ its convex surface had
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essee, Arkansas and North Louisiana, and in some localities
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commencement, instead of near the close, of a severe infection,
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with about three inches of pedicle, cut away close below
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author at the Royal College of Surgeons, England ; at
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surgical apparatus, and hysterical disorders resulting
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after cauterization have no pain. A few suffer from
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tical lessons of very great importance to human health and life
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of the string must be made above the wound, that is, between :;
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ourselves, and do what we may to spread the knowledge among
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Dodge, Esq.,— the liberal friend of all good measures— or T. B. Wells,
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only the most superficial percussion and palpation could
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of light upon the Holy Scripture, which shall not cease to shine
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source of contagion whence the milk became infected.
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In August, 1899, I confined a young w^oman who had been
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must return to New York. So one morning, at the usual hour
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bound. The skin is first coated with a thin layer of vaseline,
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great, the patient looking more like a mummy than a living
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examined that portion of the work dealing with the difficult
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important part of the body to be kept agreeably heated ; and, in
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