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cavity was irrigated daily with a solution of bichloride,

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recommends, where the motions are very dry, a saline

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ting shoes ; they arrest the circulation : this induces coldness,

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more bearable by lessening their nausea, by relieving them

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when applied to the bowels. They are relative terms, and a

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ing was partially relieved, but dyspnoea and a rapid heart-

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formed by Dr. Powell on Monday week, 1888. The child

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parently wanting in the region of the neck, abdomen, and

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But Paris is some five hundred miles only from Berlin, be-

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Several journals, both lay and medical, have made reference

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changes which lead to the prolapse of the organ This can be

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One would think it almost impossible for this condEtion tb<

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of the gunner's assurance that he will not fire it off ; and not

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irritative nasal catarrh' by an intelligent local application

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not only requested the withdrawal of the resignation but

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possible drainage by lumbar incision should be made also.

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It has been noted on several occasions that the convulsions

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it is covered a quarter of an inch or more deep, so as effectually to keep

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The general opinion, tlien, as judged from literature, is that

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