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known to possess marked emmenagogue properties, but that
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nature the health of the patient had shown an immediate
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certainly the most attractive to the average medical man,
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salary, to New Orleans, St. Louis and San Francisco. Now
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Pooley Anterican Journal of Obstetric.s, 3, xlix. ,
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sequent attack some other physician made the same or a dif-
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vember 16, 1886, applied for treatment at the out-patient
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to be the lungs and heart which had been forced up out
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pletely relieved by its use. — The Medical Press.
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among the insane. It had been attributed to trophic
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rate of morphine for hypodermic use, made according to
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mer, or the wierd transformations of Winter, awakes the taste for
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ovum, demonstrated that both the syncytium and Langhan's
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ally brought him relief, allowing him to eat again, but
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in that particular instance," our contemporary continues,
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postulate without the aid of any well-defined anatomical
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to go on deck while the storm was at its height, yet I was
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method of manufacture being described to the minutest detail
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little mi!k and lime-water has been retained. Bowels
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a nicety equal to that of the tide in recording its flow upon
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ment of family purity and personal health. It is greatly to be
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The water in Muskoka is particularly pure. The rivers and
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low, or green or dark, or black as ink, according to the violence
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heavv. As other laundries refused the work of the two Mus-
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