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Cornhill, Boston, have just issued " Pleasant Grove," by Alice
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ence. Dr. Bull, in repl>nng, said he had purposely dealt
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exhibition of the emotions, and to the well-trained indi-
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if from sugar cane, it is rum. Gin is whiskey flavored with the juniper
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in my own office, without reading a paper, or seeing or speak-
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In this country, too, it is comparatively rare to see the
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last moments ; in another case paralysis of the velum and
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lime. I'hen the epidemic as such ceased abruptly. After
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to the mental effects of such employments, they certainly
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have been reported, but not where the tumor is thick and deep.
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Until recently it was the custom to remove all diapers from
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among the customers supplied with milk from the dairy,
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and disappearing on pressure. These appear first on the fore-
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tion with pus inside the peritoneal cavity. He thought
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lapse, as the Editor had, while penning the August article on
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erected for the special purpose, a pavilion attached to one of
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muth, in bitters, and in whiskey. It is a colorless liquid,
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tient to take the possible risk of waiting too long, rathe-
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veniences and appliances which so much add to the comforts
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hay fever running back beyond memory into childhood.
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walk in the open air (with all precautions), occasional
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in recent years and without any apparent ill-etfect, it would
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within three months, and all presented tubercles which
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directions given. Your case is not hopeless, yet it is
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'heat, its unfitness for these purposes is instantly determined by