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them. Fourth, if, in spite of these provisions for arresting
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in crowded streets, for obvious reasons. The attacks are some-
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a reputable genito-urinary surgeon, and I sent him to Dr.
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of death ") will result in a reduction of the average^ mor-
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Withal, we think Dr. Draper's book is unusually satisfactory;
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3. A sudden disappearance of the reaction associated with a
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Insane, and with Sporadic Cretinism. In the Section of
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profession here cannot be a favorable one. The physi-
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be renewed by druggists without the written order of the
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disappear, wliich had resisted every means used to over-
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of students enrolled on the books of the faculty is 3,782.
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death. Dr. Terrillon, who had to report on the note,
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cessful result was obtained. It seems to have a direct
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spring, and dangers which come from their morbid irradiations
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golden rule of "doing unto others as you would have
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mouthed bottle with two small glass tubes through the cork,
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should be made sufiiciently large to admit the passage of
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there is small pox and other diseases giving out organic poisons, by put'ing
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that pus was still oozing from the uterus. Under chloroform
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stances of the case, the cheapest, most available, an$9last trou-
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papers of sterling worth, meriting the patronage of educated
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defective structure, confinement in-doors, nervous debility,
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skin. In another section of the same paper Campana dis-
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chylous, though no blood is now mixed with it ; that passed
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have remained awake for half an hour or more, and even then
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6th. If at all possible, make a positive arrangement that the
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tion, is it not imprudent, to say the least of it, to advise any
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given above refer to the temperature indicated by the