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sweat. During that day he seemed somewhat listless and
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angle, opposite the upper border of the thyroid cartilage. These
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We know of no large and prosperous society in any civilized
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ing yourself in the fumes of musk, eau de cologne, or rose-
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tables. As to antiseptics, they were, he said, without
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Laboratory will be open for inspection. The profession
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vated until death, fluctuating between 100° and 103" F.
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Of the nineteen heard from, four have lapsed and died, and
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from the lungs to the top of the throat ; from that point it is
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by means of a Turkish bath or with jaborandi." In answer to
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vised to death. Over-confident advice is the attendant
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The conclusions arrived at are as follows : The head
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outline it may be rough and irregular ; yet, on account of
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the visual apparatus. Of the former the most common
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investigation, I found that Apiol was first isolated by Joret
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long dark night of medicine, a night illumined but once by
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the Frenchman was not very far wrong after all, who advoca-
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