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of the left lung became involved in the process. The
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from sketches he had made from nature he then showed :
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mucous membrane. The surface was soft, white in color,
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the hospital building, 226 East Twentieth Street. The
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hydrocarbon, and, in order to free that hydrocarbon from
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advisers did not hesitate, to give countenance to the horrible profanation of
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severe pains in the region of the epigastrium, and some vomit-
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soothing the disease for the moment, to break out with greater
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to Toronto, April 8rd, and commenced practice, April 5th.
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special structures." As we have stated, the patient's
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usual. It is this restricting band-like sensation that is
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ever ; the patient need not see a physician, nor be confined to the house five
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allayed, and also night-sweats and fever abated and eventually
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of the United States Sanitary Commission. He cheer-
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Secretary. If fifty are present holding Standard Convention
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of the OS ; therefore, when you dilate, be sure to dilate
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We are not responsible for the views of correspondents
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so as to stop the venous but not the arterial flow. Seiz