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cardiac hypertrophy or increased arterial tension, lends

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to perfect his methods of instruction, but to liberalize his

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air, by deep breathing for many months, indeed ever after, for

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ing the free peristaltic movements, and so interfering with

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In the Ajiril number of the Medical Age I published

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assisting, and Dr. Chambers administering the anaesthetic.

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pestilences, the people who could not " go to the country," had

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ternal causes, and that in them external treatment is

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cost of $225,000 ; of this the late Government had promised

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and to what extent in our day, in the topical, metaphysical preach-

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of the glass, arising either from the lack of homogeneity, or

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usually been attributed to enter largely into cases of

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deposit, even on long standing. It does not jjrecipitate

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should be sent to the Honorary Secretary Canadian Preference

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positive reaction is sufficient for these deductions, and, as the

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or shingled, and the gable ends double boarded and filled like

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after fifteen years of age. 7. Three hours daily of school-

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lymphangioma cavernosum with chylorrhea. The swelling

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diet the more quickly would he reach a state of comfort.

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Yankton, Dak., says that the Trustees of the Insane

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in the present age, and that the dental art is of recent origin ; but,

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ation have used \t, and in every ^ase it has proved satisfactory to them. ,,

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of the lungs by the fur and dust which pervade the air of

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S. E. Kiser, in the Chicago Record, among other things says :

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tion or fatal hemorrhage, or by what is probably less frequent

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of families, to remember that there is a probability that physi-

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house had" been, erected over a "filling," the emanations from

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experiments to which the animal had been subjected to