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For Pepper SAUCE.-Cut the cahhage very fine and salt it to the taste ; cut the peppers

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He was the only son of a wealthy widow, who furnished him with

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turned to work, and on September 5th called to see me

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could avoid. His bright smile and friendly nod from his

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operation. The question of operation was therefore post-

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the colon and csecum would have been distended. In-

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one which would not get well except by surgical interfer-

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he was able to walk and use hands fairly well. He was dis-

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different had Gode} r been at home, but he is abroad, and has left

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best posture for their reduction, and in arm-and-shoulder

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that in this case there was also some acute trouble of the

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mented than Dr. Sands. None showed more fully the in-

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gave a little chloroform, and the child was born face to pubis

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tion, with exception of extension of pain to the right hip-

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century, or that it is one of the teeming products of the

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of light," that indicates rational disposal of the body and

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The patient first inhales chloroform up to the point of

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and enliven, it is then that the human organism is most susceptible to

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lieved of its work when the muscles are dormant. Decreasing

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your results here to be criticised by your fellow-workers."

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for more than thirty years, and was considered worthy of

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and Surgeons, made vacant by the death of Dr. Sabine,

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business in the middle of the day. Twenty years ago the door-

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trainings which laid the foundation for these achievements ;

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cess of being dug up for some necessary improvement, a filling

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volume, Dr. Hektoen has incorporated much useful matter ;