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epithelium, annoying irritation is set up, with aggravating

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This little volume, by Col. Lambkin, is a vivid description of

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instance, he had seen some catarrhal conditions of the

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inserted through the diaphragm. Care was taken that the

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investigation, when it was found that a depression in the wall

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I trie light in endoscopic examinations of the urethra.

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being the entire removal of all articular surfaces and the com-

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move the mferior maxilla, and suflfered great pain. He

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measure than simple incision. Thus Dr. J. Q. Blake'' reports

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practice. I never treated a cholera case except gratuitously.

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14. Annal.^qf Surgery, Philadelphia, 1898, vol. xxviii., p. 297-

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apply for an extension of three months, is granted. Par.

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