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some lost one of their eyes, others became totally blind, and

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stead of directly through. It was his impression that Dr.

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of Africa as many as 50 per cent, of the inhabitants infected ;

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like the "bag of beans," and I judged that there must be

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and the head of the fifth metatarsal and the base of the adjoin-

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perichondrium, like that of senility, was common in gen-

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ichthyol as a very speedy and simple method of cure in

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human gut is a hollow, flexible tube, between thirty and forty

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the whole class of malarial diseases, such as diarrheas, dysente-

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of this flatness about an inch to the left of the nipple.

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Sir : A clinical note in No. 16, October 20th, of The Med-

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duty at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., and to report for duty at

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with iodine by a well-meaning nurse, and I had given

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amount of good and helpfulness may come by reason of the

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may be two and a half feet long. It should be two feet wide

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gave no visible or palpable impulse in the perineal region.

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The eye and the brain have to be educated while both are at

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