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grains of chloral hydrate. On the fifteenth day the patient,

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vous diseases of children are agreed as to the ill effects.

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in hospital, he vomited three or four times and brought

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which before we were unable to see? How many of us,

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inoffensive, but when the pigs are fed on offal the flesh

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which still further increases the difficulty to be overcome.

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the British Medical Journal : " Dr. A's wife is requested

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yond question that similar cases generally would be

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ing with strict scientific accuracy, " cure " would mean

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graving of the Editor of Hall's Journal of Health, is sent post

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time, and says the sight of the blood, cries of the child,

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the level of the symphysis should be the obstetrician's mile-post.

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bored, they will still continue to give instruction to a select few ;

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The records of the large assurance companies of Great Britain

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there was marked improvement in opening and closing

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In my remarks I shall confine myself to a consideration

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doing or any debilitating ailment. If you wait until the cholera

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and the child was growing more cyanotic and breath-

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uable operation in properly selected cases, but he was

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cerning such patients as General Grant and the Crown

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diflicult ones. The anchylosed joint ( the only one out

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and persistent cases of truancy; to take charge of them, and

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together in unity ! It is like the precious ointment upon the head,

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This is a reference book in pediatries. Part I., containing 19