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looseness of the bowels first manifested itself. It was the fa-
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incessantly, time is not allowed for chemical action on the lead ;
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Diagnosis of Ulcer. — ^Since the presence of gastric ulcer
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harassing cough. Southern California offers a suitable
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run in wounding normal parts of the urethral canal.
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dot in each pustule and occurs chiefly on face, shoulders and
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Stuffing, as we know, has been found to be a serious mistake,
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{Ambrosia artemisisfolid) is quite small, is easily detached
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The response on the part of the Government and the Univer-
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physician, as we can be certain to cure the severest illnesses by
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bercular material. Upon all of these dogs he inflicted
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by the aspirator through the vagina, and cured the case.
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In cases in which a pylorectomy is not made at the same
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to stop all near work, but for these full correction was always
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to continue the play after a short rest, and feel little of it
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The operation, I venture to think, is imperative in cases in
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prove it safe to keep this joint still until such tim,e as
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a few young tubercles found in the ascending frontal
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after-efiects. Apiol seemed to me the ideal emmenagogue, and
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teaching. The estimated cost was nearly $175,000, or about
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mences where that ends ; in other words, it merely enlarges the
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fresh air had more to answer for the recovery than any