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in the fossa suprascapularis ; weak bronchial respiration
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incision. In washing out the cavity no solution should
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receiving the stove-pipe near the ceiling. Many persons, for
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there is no doubt that mkny a sufferer from cerebrasthenia
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sible to make the entry into the pleura from behind, owing
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that the scapulo-coracoid arch of the shoulder is the haemal
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and the greater number of cubic inches of air they can take in or deliver,
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difficulty in its application. The matter to bs inoculated
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gerous in that direction. A man in ordinary health may sleep
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or in the ramifications of the bronchial tube. Hemorrhage,
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perineum rigid, and the ostium vaginae not relaxed, dis-
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carbonic oxide, or carbonic acid gas, or lead-poisoning ;
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produced by walking over fresh snow in the sunlight.
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not close hermetically, they allow some of the outside air
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cases that have come in autopsj"^ in the Massachusetts General
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ness, and wherever it is possible sketches are introduced show-
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of the consolidation into the middle lobe in front and
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have been seen by the human eye, and indeed the meso-nephron
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and their duty of thankfulness, but still it is the poor
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It is undeniable that Americans eat too much meat, and we
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" Brains come hard and come high." But they could foster
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is proved conclusively in the numerous cases reported by various
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cular meningitis, after having been apparently well for
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very mobile, could be kept in place by the hand in all positions
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brethren, thus diminishing their practice and revenue there-
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For our bacteriological laboratory and its fittings, we are
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blood, and also passed blood in the stool. During the
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prevent nausea, and they often cannot retain food after an