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the urethra anterior for diagnostic purposes, we also gain
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the auto-intoxication. All the same, and the more essential,
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wears itself out, provided the unhappy patient does not, in the
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he looks for even greater success in cases in earlier stages.
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I will not dwell upon the works of Vulpian and Gallais.
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like to see sanitary measures carried out on a somewhat
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had " finished her education" in the usual meaning of the phrase,
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French ate human flesh, which had been prepared from men
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As ours is a teaching institution, however, vaginal examina-
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No one can say that the present generation possesses
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One of them was a lady physician from Syracuse, N. Y.,
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formed different artificial intestinal anastomoses on animals (jejuno-
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matter, pure air is the very life of all things. The manner and
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" I. By scarlatina, presenting for the most part the usual
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If, under the four circumstances named on page 4, there
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cellent source, is worth careful consideration as reflecting
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— on the high table-lands of Mexico, in the elevated val-
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which originally were subject to the same principle of
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injury is assigned as a cause, it is frequently trivial, or oc-
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mer two rich New Yorkers — the Messrs. Harriman — were
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Prognosis. — Profound coma, rapid feeble pu'lse, and pulse of
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the dictate of a sound common sense to direct attention to the
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sticking-plaster. This dressing is allowed to remain for
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in a chair, or sleep over a dull book. Moderate and continuous
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after one full day's work, she attended an entertainment, going
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amount of crime, and destitution, and Wretchedness, and prema-
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ence, Notes and Medical Items are solicited from all parts
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plete cessation of the acute process within a short time.