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malady which we thought would carry him to an early grave.

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to a thorough and perfect ventilation, but they have hereto-

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the hermetically sealing of a wound does not necessarily

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sent to the London Exhibition, American pianos would have stood even a better chance than they do of winning

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animals are in some cases simultaneously infected by

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tried in the case of a person suffering an actual attack of hydro-

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there was marked catarrh of the stomach it should be

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breathing ; but the extension, which can in no case do

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equiring to go to bed. Some slight headache and dizziness

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paper, I believe a more correct designation for it would be

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sentiment and wise utility to base its claim to special sympathy

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preferred that made of silver. He also thought the value

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farm in the boundless West, or by men more advanced in life,

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ments in the Treatment of Phthisis," cited Aiken, S. C,

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Registration of Marriages and Births. — Office of

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and, having risen to 40°, it fell again to 37° after the second

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hardens, applied to the posterior surface of the leg and firmly

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omitted on the appearance of the eruption. In the second

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at a distance of four or five feet. He was driven a mile

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October to May ; it is one of the best anodynes ; it allows a per-

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by my patient, who on many occasions sought and found relief

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accrue to all students, were such wards open to them." This

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sideration, as actually closed. The discovery of the

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institution in Glasgow is the only one of its kind in Great

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saturated with putrid urine, will give off the most fetid gases,

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made small enough to play freely through the calibre of

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of this debate was the aT>nointment of a Royal Commission to

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as those in Experiment I., and turned loose upon an island

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Female Physicians in Turkestan. — There are a num-