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mildly delirious; had a temperature of loo*^ F. ; was feeble ;
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so few that one is led to believe that the proper investigation
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cold water is supplied by means of foot pedals ; rinsed free from
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soft and silken, with the appearance of having more of it ; any
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producer," are very exact, but very easily arranged, and a
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children of from three to five years, for four or eight days
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unduly disturbed mentally by unusual causes, and to be
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" quilt ;" another, that it is the only one "fit for
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it under the influ^enoe of , or in spite of, the treatment of
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teen enjoyed the average health with the exception of
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F. N. G. Starr. Unfortunately in neither case was the blood
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heart, of good common sense, of fair ambition, and of so-
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The abortion had been produced at the third month of
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socially, all of the worst poems, most of the bad pictures, a
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nature; in this stimulated condition, the body is proof against an attack,
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tions, wtII do no harm and may even render good service.
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to these injuries is so much dreaded that authors and
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The general opinion, tlien, as judged from literature, is that
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rested at this stage. A return to good health is by no
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inadequately prepared physicians who are turned upon
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series of events occur in the same animal, no matter how
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A " live " cheese or a cup of fishing worms may give an
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pages, in handsome style, fSt $3.50, being A Text Book on Anatomy, Physiology
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Samuel West, on " Acetonuria and its Relation to Diabetic
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for it is a perversion of terms — it is not in the stomach, nor do
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tion will show that some professors are paid very nearly
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waste is possible, and when the powers of the system are
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parents. "W hen we throw all parental authority aside we com-