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Do not let the mind be perplexed by questions as to the contagiousness,
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Obstetrical Society, two years ago. When the uterus
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lower jaw on the affected side, so that the ])atient was un-
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a secret, its formula being freely published. Under these
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Texas. Par. 19, S. O. 286, A. G. O., Washington, De-
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applied. The uterus was well contracted. A smaller dose
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Study of the Various Methods of Treatment of Laceration
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has under the circumstances turned the scale, and another
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tion of Insanity in the Poor," advocated the establishment of
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growth of the skin of the membrane and external meatus is
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10th day. — Eruption pustular all over; breaking on face
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rare cases by Finney's pyloroplasty. The one point of greatest
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regular; respiration slow, irregular, and gasping. It is
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phere. A warm, bad air is worse than the cooler and still at-
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strain during lifting and defecation, and to throw the
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uterus, and completely arrested the hemorrhage within a