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that the formation of urea and uric acid occurs in the
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To the American Journal of Physiology, Beebe contributes
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were greatly sclerosed, and has on these grounds used this
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Mr. President and Gentlemen, — I wish to bring to your
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took all the skin off my neck in front, was a comfort ;
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medulla oblongata and upper portion of the cord fully ex-
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time he improved, but has not been entirely free from
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In 1893, J. S. K. Morton^ reported six cases, all of which had
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in your editorial of November 3d. The paper referred
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West 43d St., New York," previous to the 5th day of December,
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being present, the prepuce was slit up and a suppurative
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of malpractice, for it is manifestly impossible to set up a
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dust which these creatures inhale continually for eight or
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Think of the recent appalling revelation from ^ew York,
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pletely through, from one side to the other. Setons of
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properties. The editor of the National Druggist tested
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lesson for application in the present era. For he sees a grave
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in absence or malformation of either rectum or anus, or
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cussion sound from there downward to fifth rib ; over the
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though he remarks that inflammatory affections of the
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was ringing, the church doors were open, but beyond one old
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numerous observations, in re, during a voyage from Mar-
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plicates mny cases and renders the diagnosis of trau-
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tube was introduced to a distance of 48 ctm., and during
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internally; then pressure with lint dipped in lemon
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tion of the serious nature of these cases. Kraepelin, in his
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intestinal tract, if any existed, and restore the general