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the remaining nineteen are in good health, and with one excep-

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experiments, the results of which we have given in an ar-

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had chills in the afternoon on three successive days, and

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ment. It is not my intention that this Journal shall ever con-

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hypertrophic sclerosis of the brain with a generalized

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mation there usually is no scar, and they leave a red rather

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St. J. Roosa presiding. Dr. Boudinot C. Atterbury, of

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was drained by external opening the bronchial dilatations

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Although the statements which have been made were pre-

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T. W., age'i 52 years, a sturdy -looking man, was admitted on

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where he sat next to a successful gynecologist who had saved

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isolated outbreak, and that though in one district an epi-

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On September 20th, I had him admitted to St. Michael's Hospital

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acute attack came on. There was much general infection, tension

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similar letters : "March 16th, 1866. I have been endeavor-

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from passing into the foetal pharynx, require no refutation.

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our attention." Strangely enough, the great Mackenzie,

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and delivery were performed without difficulty, no un-

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Miss M was well rubbed all over, from shoulders to calves,

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shared by the profession, and by many who think they

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months and complained of apthous sore mouth. She had had

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ceived by the profession, presenting as it does the mature

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pecially to the dryness of its soil. Its elevation of less than

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slight emotional excitement caused the face and forehead

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were undertaken for the relief of imperforate bowel.

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work from eight to sixteen determines the life character of millions.

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leucocytes, planted by the waterside, and drawing their

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(Virchow's Archiv.) however considers that the parathyroids

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and influence of the Alexandrian school of philosophy in

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Home on August 31, 1887, complaining of a discharging