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Eight members of the House Staff" of the Toronto General

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Sold only by P. Godfrey, 831 broadway, New York city.

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are different in different places, at different seasons, and in

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whole upper portion of the sac. If seen here it may be removed

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this increase was more marked in England and Scotland

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misses the real disease, and calls a false anaemia a real

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a vivid mental picture of the proximity of carotid arteries. The

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in the Queen Street Asylum. As Dr. Clark expressed it, the

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through which food was introduced once a day, the quan-

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ing ceased, but from the deeper parts of ulceration the

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interest. Let another prepare a lecture on chemical science;

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gray matter but extend to the neighboring tracts. The

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and the tension of the strings on the other, hold it in its proper position, and allow it to move freely with the

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Cholera never attacks the body, except in its time of weakness ; nence,

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ally brought him relief, allowing him to eat again, but

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could not help yourself, you had to go unhelped. This is as it

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I would call attention to the two words used in testing

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Cincinnati Lancet and Observer, says that in the recent fear-

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is induced, is sufficient to bring on an attack of inflammation

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titrate of silver applied constantly for three months.

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4. Where degenerative changes had been foimd in the

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rising of the sun, and all cannot command a physician, it is the

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