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Temps, France is the country in which all these condi-
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and take physic, calling it " bitters," tansy, dogwood, quinine,
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increase in our knowledge respecting the proper use and
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with the femur of the posterior, the basilar process of the
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done much harm ; for while he spoke as a humanitarian that
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is behind the foramen is the original transverse process,
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quills. Franck said he had a young man some time ago who
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rificing parents are oftenest brought to an old age of grief
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bringing out the actual disease, and which would not have been manifest-
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The pelvimeter should be to the obstetrician what the ther-
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and reflections arose which were at once tinged with sad-
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interested to the extent of life and death, in the important inquiry, What can be done to
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ous hay-fever irritants are strongly irritating. The bron-
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water not only removes the dryness, but carries off the extra
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are of the opinion that antitoxin cases are " more easily nursed "
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cyanotic, but her temperature, respiration, and pulse
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patient, and we think we can state, without fear of contradic-
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quent than it was thirty years ago, or more fatal. At
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the rectum a long piece of opium, which, in the shape of a
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undertaken hitherto, the paralysis was invariably of peripheral
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little mi!k and lime-water has been retained. Bowels
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symptoms of heart failure, and Sanne, Billard, and others
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notes entire absence of rectum and anus in eight cases,
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Branch of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, on " The
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put in at any season of the year, in two days, at an expense of from thirty
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previously been affected in the well-known way by cocaine,
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among the patient.«. There is still, however, a bank over-
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in case some such system should be generally adopted,