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of hepatic colic followed by jaundice. In both instances the
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then, should stomas threaten, and adversity come, and sickness waste the health,
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" The repetition of similar segments in a vertebral
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hundred cases. Of these, 48 remained quite sound, 17
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spitting of blood, which was constant, besides vomiting
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that the attendants and other patients in large hospitals,
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potassium, and the end of the second week after energetic
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continued extension of the child's lower limbs against the
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28.12 per cent., and for the decade 1876 to 1885, 36.58
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and merits a wide patronage. We will send it and Hall's Jour-
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gars, the large Cavour cigars, the small Cavour cigars, the
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Case III. — Variola vera, confluent form, and very severe. In
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a 4-grain solution, had been uninterruptedly used from January,
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the other extremity the free end of the joint is curled.
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the treatment be, on that account, purely expectant ? It
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with ol. cinnamon, creosote, iodoform, etc., according to the
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it is hoped the afiration of the blood would be promoted,
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by Dessaignes in 1852, and has recently been brought