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some ill patients. I returned about midday, with a sense

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" Primary renal gout "(uratic deposits in kidneys, and absence of

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well to tell the patient to take a glass of hot water,

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tions, the want of which is one of the most radical defects of

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matician seems, however, to be the male parent, for if

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Cox, W. J. Gage, J. J. Crabbe, Hugh Blain, Edward Gurney,

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the perineal region. The parents rejected lumbo-colot-

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they are most liable to contract a joint lesion, viz., the

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were from Toronto ; sixteen from Hamilton, live from Ottawa,

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nearly so well known as it should be. The test fluid consists

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of its youth. Dr. G. Frank Lydston, in " Vice and Crime,"

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Band 73, Hft. 2) and Dr. Buxton, will be read with in-

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times a week for the purpose of having the uterus cauter-

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work performed in the relief of the more affected foot.

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Noted Names of Fiction, etc., published by Hurdand Houghton, 459 Br*>ome

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sistent hemorrhage and to have free drainage. Whenever

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bodies, ranged on one side, and those of their queens on

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the external plantar nerve from pressure between those parts

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sixty dollars a year, were awarded to the first students on

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so searching an ordeal in the most critical years of his life, and

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the accident he walked half a mile to the nearest drug-

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to more diligent attention to their work : to throw into it more

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ity on any sudden motion or protracted exercise, for

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able laceration of the soft parts, great difficulty in nursing, and

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toms. The primary affection occurred early, there was