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Globe Theatre, the scene of the great William's man-
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attempt the treatment of a single case of cholera without the
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At the commencement of this article allusion was made
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sion as it is in other things. Theoretically, every person
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ment had not been grasped ; for sweating and ptyalism, i.e., the
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as calculated to enhance the efficiency of the whole remedy,
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naturally go out towards those who help us. If a mother has
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to the normal state. The attacks would, of course, aggra-
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covery, if time verifies it. The idea is that the cause of fever
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able cases the patient might rally by active stimulation,
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and so the great corner-stone of this delusion must crumble to
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giving way of the health ; the body becomes sleepy and dull ;
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their new home, considered it a most happy coincidence that
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It is said that the Portuguese Government has prohibited
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specimens, the first showing some pieces of iron wire
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one be caught — not in a whole year. Whose health wouldn't
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moned to the Emperor on account of ' difficulties with
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tion for any other priced Machine up to $195. The machine offered will sew all kinds of fabrics and
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— Dr. Bancroft, of New South Wales, describes the pre-
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revealed a rigid os, slightly dilated ; uterus about the size of a
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The extremities must be encircled at their base with suffi-
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berry. Bourbon whiskey is made from corn, or rye, in copper stills, but it
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place twelve days; then removed; the condition found
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2. The physician who refuses to use a thoroughly established
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searches and antiseptic surgery, with their marvellous
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has given special attention to outlining in progressive steps the
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