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In support of this work the Ontario Government contributes

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tebrate theory of the skull. This theory, which asserts that

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attitude with relation to the forearm the wearing of a mechanical

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once, in twenty-four hours, the appetite may be good, and the

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ters to the precordium ought to be rigorously proscribed.

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deep inspiration, during which the bacilli-laden dust is

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two animals eat from one tufye. There is no waste of hay nor

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of trouble physically, and prevention should be the strongest

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of foreigners who contracted their sickness before , they

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suspected a fracture of the lower end of the ulna, but I

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viding a free exit for the matter as soon as it forms, but

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would be most suitable in such a case, the patient being kept

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so pierced an important artery, that it had to be cut down upon

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iiatschrift on the employment of mercury succinimide

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by means of a continuous silk suture. He advocated the

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out having to go " out of doors " — say under the kitchen itself or

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Rives, Jr., S. H. Sears, W. S. Sherman, H. F". Turner;

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persons are of life. The conviction cannot be resisted,

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attributable to the removal of the second ovary. Com-