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be a forerunner of uric acid ; while some of the severest cases

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to the multitudinous poor, who seldom have a shilling ahead ?

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biliary secretion aids the assimilation of fats in three

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Medical Congress will meet, and preparations for it are

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phia and New York : Lea Brothers & Co. , Publishers.

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in many of his statements.) They were thin, bony, and

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published in a recent issue of the British Medical [ournal.

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and attached to the skin on each side of the incision, one

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into a fatal consumption ; and it is not at all to be

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same level; for every step upward taken by domestics and

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pressure in the sole over the head of the fourth metatarsal bone

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opportunity in myself and in others to test the virtues of

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develops an incurable eczema ; or a long fever works a

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two pairs of the latent limbs or appendages of the verte-

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investigate, or reinvestigate, the poor pig's bowels. No

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treatment of myxedema and goitre, and also, I think, in some

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houses, rooms, or clothing disinfected after the occurrence

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this case I suspected cerebral hemorrhage, but could not get an

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