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stitute."— [Edward G. Tyler, Ontario Female Sem., N. Y.

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This looks like a safe investment ; we rather believe it to be

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according to Baumler. From the statistics of Leipzig and

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Dr. See, does not mean that there is a diminished number

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eased mucosa, devised by Carl Schroeder, Hegar. Simon,

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The difficulties which arise in connection with this condition

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that such meat after being kept two or three months, is, if

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who was suffering from a typical, diffuse scleroderma. This

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is, that being " the " practice in severer forms, it is the better

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ber 24, 1888, is granted. Par. i. S. O. 261, Headquarters

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" Everybody's healing place." At first none came. Then

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male and female, and a condition present in the great

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peculiar nervous condition present that could be consid-

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ment of syphilis, or, in fact, many other diseases, differs widely

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ber, I think I shall be able to extend its circulation among the

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advising stock raisers how to properly care for and protect

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But suppose these same persons had begun life in the old fash-

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succession, as when Nelson and Gallaher riveted the atten-

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ond, we do not know the law of the spread of a cholera atmos-

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However, it seems fitting that the two conditions should be

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chosen to afford relief in a case of this kind, attention

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Mr. Butlin related two cases. Mercury, jaborandi, and

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death from consumption. Inquire whether the increased use

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tary Hospital experiences &c.; it is a most valuable number.