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small-pox. Pustular glanders has also been confused with this
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dress only for company or for the street, and not from an innate
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his admirers will admit that he has done some good work since
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work and teachings of modern dermatology ; and he has sifted
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confined, where the urine was scanty and almost all albumin-
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times a day, a liquid and a powder, alternately ; requiring no precautions,
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trammelled, but also because it is one of the oldest diseases
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In the heat of summer it is especially desirable to preserve the entire
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with certainty preserve, by means of these intravenous in-
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plosion or cracking, it greatly reduces it, and w^hen the flint
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liness, that I advise the removal of the tampon and stem
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Only rarely does the soil come to the water's edge ; either rocks
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very clear to him, and anyone who felt as Mr. Doran did
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having come to hand ; and having read it since its first publi-
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tinues to follow the directions as well as at the be-
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tity of nourishing material. The loss of albumen through the
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In one case a patient during seven weeks of frantic pain had
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duced to a minimum with the doing away of the risk ol
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out with a carbolized solution before any manipulation
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" Well, doc, if I had a thousand dollars I'd make ye
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contagious poisons ; for the perception, to the best ad-
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and attributed her suffering in body and mind to this fact.
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prives it of all its oxygen, and replaces it with carbonic acid
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anxious to comply with the request of our President in such
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