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sident of the Chicago University, Dr. Nicholas Senn said the

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energies to bring about this end, years creep on ; opinions have

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The symptoms, as described by the mother, were those of

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haematemesis and meleana may be noticed. Bleeding into the

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sumption. It will be altogether impossible for you to

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awoke, appeared hungry, was placed at the breast and

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cow. Ten minutes should be taken in drinking a glass.

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recognized ability as a clinician, and his valuable work concern-

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conjuncti\-a gave rise to no evidences of pain on the part

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ing afternoon Dr. Steele was asked to perform the opera-

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e.xisting granulations and employing medicated tampons.

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swer for a thousand similar ones. A gentleman in Broadway, writes, Oct.

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& Cox, 8 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. 1905. (All rights reserved.)

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practically* and the panic was terrible. I had retired early

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surgeon can usually find the soft, bogory spot, behind which pus

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rate in pneumonia is still not settled. The probabilities,

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food which causes any kind of discomfort. Second, by regu-

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The different surgical measures for the cure of exoph-

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for this world and that which is to come, between the destruction

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Council; Standing Committee on Requirements for Pre

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pain disappeared on the following day, and the hearing

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moving in health — moving too much in some diseases — too

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men, the reverse is the fact. Yesterday's journal contained a list of

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certain after-effects connected with its administration. On

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Diathesis is to be combated by cutting off its supplies,

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was displaced downwards, and was felt prominently in the sole.

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