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tion, voice sometimes husky, and a tightness across the
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recommends, where the motions are very dry, a saline
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in the circulation as to seriously afiect the nutrition of the
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majority of cases ; but, owing to a difference of structure,
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reached Holmes, who, on January 2Ist, 1889, wrote to Professor
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The use of other drugs of the nitrite order is not the
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tis which belongs to a different category from gout and
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tions, wtII do no harm and may even render good service.
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'" Do not take wife from a witless family, or one infected by a
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case observed in the wards of the London Hospital, under
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During the progress of this dissection frequent attempts
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this volume on the personal experience of themselves, together
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and very probably the infection, had occurred before the
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the "Royal Muskoka" in Lake Rosseau affords the comforts
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Dr. Hunter, who was at one time a resident of Toronto, and
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all medicines to promote the convalescence of the sick from
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ing to estimate the relative value of various methods of
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commensurate with the hopes of those who, have under-
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glass at the upper edge of the sash shall move on a pivot at
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was so unfortunate as to contract diphtheria while attend-
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left side. No exacerbation of the diarrhcea accompanied
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it more compactly in a constantly-diminishing tube,
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The following points indicate that the effect is due to a toxic
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2d. If the bowels act oftener than twice in twenty-four
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At the date of writing (November 12, 1888) no report
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such a case proves is that the lesion was a local one and
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gested, insist on absolute regularity in taking food, and going
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thorough acquaintance with every phase of school hygiene
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abdominal uncomfortableness " should be regarded as the fore-
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