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neighborhood, who was healthy, had no cases of menin-
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ion on the whole subject, as presented both by the Ger-
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ment, as the pelvic organs were displaced and bound
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breathe deeply more than a hundred times without falling
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sphincter. This obstruction may be increased in two ways:
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with drainage properly understood. Mr. Knowsley Thorn-
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Any other severe intra-abdominal condition like intussus-
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sulphate of zinc, were fastened in place. The resistance
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Dr. Fenton's paper is both interesting and valuable, and I
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quate must be the supph^ if only on account of the prejudice
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degrees. The functions are now all complete except ex-
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moved only by wearing it off, giving a gloss almost equal to
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submaxillary glands, and in the posterior third the deep cervical
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the general arrangements were not suitable from a hospital
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when the miasmatic influences are not present to any spe-
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to the superintendent of the United States Military
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authority. Dr. Layel, of Marseilles, has met with the like
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these pages, embodying it in the statement that there is exemp-
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I think it will be found that if a person is centrally re-
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pregnated with grosser impurities that it could not take in the more ethe-
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TO STUDENTS, The best and most complete edition of Webster's Dictionary,
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Are beneficial, if properly used. They should be ripe, raw,
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False Cinchona. — In some parts of Bolivia and in
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dietetics and general regimen coming in also for their due share
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warm it when it is to be used, and rub it into the leather
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the idea of sheltering wounds against the germs of the air,
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had charge, and as soon as I have time I shall prepare a care-
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out of a sponge, by pressing the ball of the hand over the region of the
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ly saturated — One pint of boiled linseed oil ; half a pound of
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which still further increases the difficulty to be overcome.